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Award winning family entertainment!
Giggle Givers started when Greg was doing research for a children's story idea and borrowed clowning books from the library. Jokingly he told his wife, Diane, about a clown school he read about in La Crosse, WI. She (not joking) said, “You're going.”  So he went in 2006 and fell in love with clowning. The rest of the family joined Greg in clowning in 2007. Their first performance together as a family was at the Olmsted County Fair Talent Show. Unable to arrange childcare, they changed a skit to include the boys. Keenan was 2 years old and Garron was 5. Just before performing, Keenan fell asleep in a little wagon. During the skit Garron ate jelly beans while Keenan slept. Keenan awoke just in time to take part in the big finale - and stole the show. Thus Giggle Givers was formed. Now Keenan and Garron are much older. They still enjoy performing together as a family at churches and family events across the Midwest. 

Greg is currently the President of the local Society of American Magician's club (Mystic 13) and Vice President of the local World Clown Association club (Clown Roundup).  Greg also leads the local Society of Young Magician's club.  Diane is currently the Secretary for Mystic 13 and Clown Roundup.